Fitness Pilates Ring
Fitness Pilates Ring
Fitness Pilates Ring
Fitness Pilates Ring
Fitness Pilates Ring
Fitness Pilates Ring
Fitness Pilates Ring

Fitness Pilates Ring

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Stay home and workout now! Keep fit and keep healthy!

Fitness Pilates Ring is a safe, healthy and portable circle tool that is made for toning, making, and strengthening your muscles and body. When you use it you feel a sense of variety, playfulness, and freedom because it is almost everything for exercising.Overcome workout laziness and train yourself ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with our home-based workout tool - Fitness Pilates Ring! It is portable and lightweight. You can easily carry and use it at home or outdoor. It is also durable. No matter how many times you use it, it always springs back its original form.FEATURES:

  • Home-Based Fitness
    Use the Pilates ring to build up strength, shape your thighs, tone and sculpt your arms. Easy to do exercise at home.
  • Various Resistance Training
    Helps train muscles and shape your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs and butt for perfect body shape.
  • Portable & Lightweight
    Easy to carry and use it for the home gym, outdoor fitness or office exercise.
  • Dual-Sided Handles
    Perform a variety of low-impact exercises with varying intensity. Sweat-resistant and non-slip for maximum safety and comfort.
  • Durable
    Made of glass fiber with a rubber coating that makes the ring flexible and of strong quality. No matter how often you train with it, the ring always springs back to its original form.
  • Material: PP / NBR
  • Diameter: 38cm
  • Color: Purple/ Blue


  • 1 x Fitness Pilates Ring

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